Posted on: June 4, 2009 11:18 am

Twitter Time!!!!!!

Yes, i am becoming obsessed with the Twitter craze. I think it is actually pretty cool. I know some don't like it but they have their opinion and I have mine.  I think it is neat to see what people are doing or thinking during the day. Not that i am important or anything, although i want to be, but this lets me feel like I am. This will be the big thing in 2010 like Facebook is now. You can follow me at jonathandpope or i think the address is I wish i could post on here from there. Maybe one day!!!!!! 
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Posted on: June 3, 2009 9:51 pm

Looking back on June 3,

So with all the going on in Atlanta today, could this be the day that we look back on in September and go that was the turning point? WIth the departure of Glavine, calling up of Tommy, and acquisition of McClouth all or just one of these could get the Bravos going. I personally feel that letting Tom go was the right decision. I think they let him show he could stil pitch in the minors so he could sign with another team off that performance. We owe it to a 300 game winner to do that. As soon as I heard this news I knew Hanson was not far behind. The Medlen experiment was not really working right now. We need Tommy to come up and see how he perfoms. This way if he struggles we can send him back down to work it out before the stretch run.

As far as the trade goes,I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Picking up an All-Star for the 3 we dealt was great. Nate immediately adds power and a great glove in center. He also really helps out B Mc. With Nate in the line up people will either have to pitch to Brian or pitch the Nate and this benefits tremendously. Nate batted over .300 for the Bucs last year with the middle part of the line up they had. I hope this works out. We right now become a team to talk about in the east again instead of just the Phils and Mets. Watch out boys!!!!!!
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